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ATG Honored at Youth, I.N.C. Innovators Breakfast

Photo Credit: Mark Austin Spencer

Photo Credit: Mark Austin Spencer

ATG will be honored tomorrow with the Excellence in Fundraising Award at Youth, I.N.C.’s 3rd Annual Innovators Breakfast, hosted by Bloomberg L.P. We are being acknowledged for our outstanding work in improving the lives of NYC-area children, as well as for our success over the past two years in Youth, I.N.C.’s Celebration program. We’re thrilled to be recognized alongside two other excellent youth-serving organizations: Creative Arts Workshops for Kids, which will receive the Excellence in Capacity-Building Award, and GallopNYC, which will receive the Excellence in Board Advancement Award.

Our Board Chair, Allen Pinero, will speak on a panel moderated by Geoff Levin, Partner at Caldwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP and Secretary of the Youth, I.N.C. Board of Directors. Allen will discuss how Arts to Grow has leveraged Youth, I.N.C.’s Celebration program to increase our fundraising capacity and serve more children.

This award will be accepted on Arts to Grow’s behalf by Kristina (pictured above), a three-year graduate of ATG’s musical theater program at CHLDC/IS 171 who is now a Junior in the Honors Rep program at Talent Unlimited High School. Kristina will speak about her experiences with ATG and the impact our programs have had on her future; she will also open the ceremony with a monologue adapted from the musical RENT. Kristina has been awarded the $3,000 Van Lier scholarship for professional development as well as a full scholarship to Pace University’s “Summer Scholars” musical theater program. She is currently attending the Stella Adler Studio of Acting’s Teen Weekend Conservatory.

All Arts to Grow programs are made possible through the generosity of our donors.  To find out how you can help bring arts education to more children in need, please visit our website.


Arts bring the world to kids


Taft Museum of Art took students from Kentucky to London.  While they talked about what to pack, they never set foot on a plane that would have taken them across the pond.  The students took a four weeks imaginary trip to London through arts.  Taft volunteer docents exposed the students to a whole other world.  No, I’m not talking about England, even though that was the topic of the outreach.  I’m talking about art.  These students rarely have the opportunity to even visit their local art museums, much less foreign countries.  Programs such as the ones put on by Taft Museum of Art bring arts to these students.  In doing so, they bring the world to these kids.

Arts can show kids the world.  We at Arts to Grow have first hand knowledge of this.  We have implemented programs that showed our students a whole other world through arts and music education.  After all, arts provide a universal language for everyone around the world.  When we put African drumming programs in schools, students don’t just learn about drumming.  They learn about culture and ethnics rhythms.  To support our African drumming programs, check out of wish list

Arts replaced violence in school


BBC Reporter Jane O’Brien recently visited a pilot school in Boston and saw first hand the transformative effect of arts education.  

90% of the students at Orchard Gardens Pilot School lives under the poverty line, and some are homeless.  Not too long ago, violence was normal at this failing school.  Students carried weapons and teachers didn’t stay for long.

When Andrew Bott, Principal of Orchard Gardens Pilot School, took over, he fired the security guards and hired arts teachers.  Many advised him at the time to go for a phased approach, but Bott decided to tackle a total transformation.  Anyone who sees the results today, Bott’s bold move appeared to be the right one.  

Orchard Gardens is one of eight schools participating in a test program launched by the Obama administration to invest $2 millions over two years for arts education in the nation’s most poorly performing schools.  So far, while there is no official research, the results in front of our eyes are promising.  

We at Arts to Grow firmly believe in the importance of arts education in schools.  Sadly, six millions children in the US, mostly minorities or living in poverty, has no access to arts education.  We fill the gaps schools leave behind, as budgets continue to get cut.  Help us give access to arts education.  Please consider supporting our mission. 

Bring a little drama to reading

Theater Arts Elysian

We’re excited to see new programs being instituted in a New Jersey school: Morris district’s elementary schools, located in Morristown and Morris Township.

Last year, an theater artist-in-residence approach was tried as a pilot program, and this year it became an official part of the district’s language arts curriculum for the third grade. The program will run for grades 3 and 4 next year and grades 3, 4 and 5 the following year.

The program is provided by Mayo Performing Arts Center.  The partnership had been developing for years, but has been sporadic in part due to funding.  With additional funding and grants, what was just a goal is now a reality.  

The school has seen tremendous success with this collaboration.  Programs like this help improves reading and comprehension skills.  The students are engaged in the process, because they are just having fun with the play.  The program is even seen as a way to help improve the students’ scores on the NJ ASK standardized tests.  “Programs like this are what make kids want to come to school,” said Noone, the principal.  But the kids don’t have to know that.  They just know that they’re having fun at school.  

Arts to Grow has a similar mission.  But we cannot fully realize our goal  without your help.  Please consider supporting our kids. 

You’re Cordially Invited…


Dear Readers, 

You’re cordially invited to two exciting Arts to Grow events!  The first one is a mixer this Friday where you can meet Arts to Grow volunteers and teaching artists.  The second one is a benefit concert this Monday featuring David Strathairn and Jennifer Ehle.  A portion of the proceed from both events benefit Arts to Grow.  So, see you there!

  • What? Getting to know Arts to Grow
  • When? Friday, Apr 12, 2013 6:30pm
  • Where? Exchange Bar and Grill 256 3rd Avenue
  • How?  Get tickets here
  • What? Sung and Spoken benefit Conert
  • When? Monday, Apr 15, 2013 at 8:00 PM
  • Where? Christ & St. Stephen’s Church, 120 W 69th St
  • How? Get tickets here!

Concert to benefit Arts to Grow

SOUNDSCAPES, which made its debut in the 2011-2012 concert season, proved to be an innovative, gripping and vibrant addition to New York City’s musical landscape. In addition, each program benefited a vital cultural, educational or social organization.  The upcoming Sung and Spoken concert is dedicated to benefit the Red Bull Theater and Arts to Grow. 

When? Apr 15, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Where? Christ & St. Stephen’s Church, 120 W 69th St

What?  (Program)

  • William Walton: “Facade Entertainments” (1921)
  • Anthony Plog: “Songs of War and Loss” (Whitman) (2011)
  • “The Stronger”: August Strindberg (1889)
  • “Pariah”: August Strindberg (1889)

More information and ticket information available here: http://paullustigdunkel.com/  (Please pay attention to ticketing instructions to ensure proceeds support Arts to Grow.) 

Partnering with Youth I.N.C. for a second year!

Proud of her work

2013 marks our 2nd year as partners of the Youth I.N.C. Celebration Program. Our new Board member, Clifford Dukes will lead the Co-Chair team with a focus on engaging corporate involvement in our programs and sponsorships of $1,000+. This investment of leadership and resources will make a significant impact in the community, providing hundreds of kids who lack access to excellence in education the opportunity to learn and grow creatively and developmentally towards a successful future.

Youth I.N.C.’s Celebration Program is a service grant that provides partnering organizations with a wealth of opportunities including ongoing consulting, board and staff training, as well as peer learning and sharing of best practices. Over the last 18 years Youth, I.N.C.’s Celebration Program has helped 100 nonprofit organizations raise over $14.6 million, serving as a catalyst for their long-term growth and successfully expanding youth services to thousands more of our areas most vulnerable children. We are honored to be part of the Youth I.N.C. family of youth serving nonprofits.