Arts to Grow Honored Tonight at Celebration

Photo Credit: Ulrich Pedersen

Photo Credit: Ulrich Pedersen

Supporters of youth-serving nonprofits will pack the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria tonight for A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids.  Arts to Grow is among 15 organizations being honored at this event for the work we do in improving the lives of children in the New York metro area.  Now in the second year of our partnership with Youth, I. N.C., we are thrilled to report that we’ve exceeded this year’s fundraising goal by over 58% and counting—this money will go directly toward bringing arts programs to more children in the 50+ schools and organizations on our waitlist.

We thank our Co-Chairs for making this event such a success, and all of our donors for supporting us over the past year and for joining us at Celebration.  We look forward to seeing you tonight!

All Arts to Grow programs are made possible through the generosity of our donors.  To find out how you can help bring arts education to more children in need, please visit our website.


2 thoughts on “Arts to Grow Honored Tonight at Celebration

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