Photographers/Videographers: Volunteer Your Time to Capture a Child’s Joy in Arts Learning

Photo Credit: Sharon Wildey

Photo Credit: Sharon Wildey

Arts to Grow is looking for skilled photographers to document our programs with kids. The time commitment is only 1-4 site visits over a period of 3 months; scheduling is flexible and dependent on the dates and times of a particular session’s classes. This volunteer opportunity is focused on capturing ATG’s arts classes in action, and is also a chance for photographers and videographers to enhance their portfolios. We seek your involvement so that we may make it possible to offer more inner-city kids opportunities to learn and grow through the arts.


Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY; Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY; Hoboken, NJ; & Newark, NJ



* All sites are accessible by public transportation

See our current photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube.

TO APPLY: Please contact Arts to Grow director Mallory King at or by phone at 201-209-9886. Please include your contact info, home location, and a few samples of your work when applying.

Arts to Grow’s programs are made possible through the work of skilled volunteers.  To learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our website.


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