Volunteer Spotlight: Gloria Fuentes


Gloria Fuentes has been generously donating her time and skills as a pro bono consultant for Arts to Grow over the past six months.  Recently we asked her what volunteering with Arts to Grow means to her, and what advice she would have for others who would like to get involved.  Here’s what she had to say.

Gloria believes strongly that strengthening children’s education will improve not only their lives, but the community as a whole.  Having seen firsthand the effects of budget cuts in schools over the years, she was drawn to Arts to Grow’s mission of providing arts programs to the children most affected by those cuts.  Gloria is a passionate advocate for arts education: “Children need creativity to thrive and grow, mentally and emotionally,” she says.  “Arts to Grow’s full-circle approach—strengthening the child, the community, and building leaders—is why I felt the need to support this organization with my time, talents, and service.”  To date, Gloria has helped us bring visual arts programs to more children as a key team leader in our cause-marketing partnership with Lowy Frame & Restoring Company’s Frame the Future program; she has also helped to create new donor relationships as a Co-Chair for our service grant partnership with Youth, I.N.C.’s Celebration program.

When she first started volunteering for Arts to Grow, Gloria committed to spending a full semester observing, participating, and learning about us and the programs we offer.  She would recommend this approach to anyone who is thinking about getting involved with ATG.  “I am a firm believer that seeing is believing,” she explains.  “When someone sees the work, the excitement on the children’s faces and the results this organization brings to the child and the community, they cannot deny their time is needed to help build the leaders of the future.”

Our sincere thanks to Gloria for her leadership and hard work in helping to provide many more less-advantaged children with access to learning through the arts!

Arts to Grow’s work is made possible through the pro bono contributions of professionals like Gloria.  To find out how you can get involved, please visit our website.


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