Arts will fuel technology

Some help from Patricia

Design and innovation impact every aspect of the world around us. Everything made by humanity has been designed in some way. Sometimes the design is intentional and elegant; many times it is unintentional and far from optimal.

This is one of many reasons why integrating arts is so important to our children’s education.  Arts nurture skills like creativity.  Arts reinforce the search for perfection when there is no definitive right answers.  Arts teach skills that a traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum cannot achieve.  

This is one of the topics being discussed at the World Economic Forum.  Creativity is vital to improving the well-being of our world and of our future.  Creativity creates well-rounded individuals.  Creativity underpin out-of-the-box thinking that can in fact fuel technological innovations.  And it is creativity that will empower us to redesign an education system that would be suit the true needs of our future economy.  

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About arts2grow

Arts to Grow (ATG) engages children in the artistic process by providing free, highly tailored and professionally taught arts education programs to youth in the New York metro area who have limited access to the arts. Arts to Grow collaborates closely with schools and community groups to match performing and visual arts programs and Teaching Artists with the specific needs of each group of children. ATG serves the community and society by helping children develop their full potential through the arts.

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