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Holiday wish list


Thank you to for choosing Arts to Grow as the featured nonprofit wish list!  The wish list offers our donors a convenient and easy way to provide art programs to our children growing up in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, and other inner-city neighborhoods in New York City and Newark, NJ.  

This year, we have lost funding for programs in music, theater, and visual arts. Through this wish list, we are looking to specifically seek funding for the following programs:  

  • A Percussion Ensemble at IS 302/CHLDC, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn where 20 students will participate in 20 week program January – June 2013
  • A Theater Workshop at the Academy Street Firehouse, Newark, NJ where 40 students will participate in a 20 week program January – June 2013
  • Violin Classes IS 171/CHLDC, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn where 12 students will participate in 20 week program January – June 2013 

In today’s competitive economics environment, it’s more important than ever to prepare our children for success.  They may be the first generation that will be financially worse off than their parents.  But arts can help.  According to recent research, arts-engaged students were more likely than their peers to attend and succeed in college, obtain employment, and ultimately give back to their communities.  

Thanks to, with a few clicks, we can help prepare our inner-city children for a brighter future!  

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‘Tis the season of giving

In 2012, Arts to Grow reached its 2000th innercity child with our programs!  With our donors’ help, we were able to provide each child with quality music, dance, theater, or visual arts instruction and the chance to gain a love of learning through the arts.  

We are asking for your help during this season of giving.  ATG strives to bridge the gap between arts education and shrinking school budgets. Your donation directly supports research-based education and high quality teaching which foster future leaders, and strengthen communities at no cost to working families.

Did you know that children who have access to the arts achieve more in the classroom and score 85 points higher on the SAT?  

Donations to ATG will directly impact the life of a child lacking essential arts education.  Just $250 will provide a child with a 12-week art program!  A child like Ismeyda:


Ismeyda was a raw talent with her singing voice and acting ability. However, a limited reading ability first stood in her way.  Through rehearsals, she reached a higher reading level, and gained self-confidence on the stage. She acquired an excellent command of theatre vocabulary and skill—she often would lead warm-up exercises and could explain curriculum to new students.  Ismeyda graduated from IS 171 and is now attending Brooklyn High School of the Arts. 

DONATE NOW to support kids like Ismeyda, and you will play a vital role in boosting student achievement and self-confidence through creative expression.  Remember, our programs are always provided at NO COSTS to the students.   Thank you for changing the life of a child!

Click here to make your year-end pledge today! 

Arts in time of crisis

Hurricane Sandy Flooding Avenue C 2012

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since Sandy blew through the area. It seemed like yesterday when the most powerful city in the world lost power and stayed dark for days. Countless lost days of business or livelihood. Many lost their homes. Some even lost their loved ones in this storm. In times like these, the resiliency of the arts community was particularly evident.  In the weeks that followed, the arts and culture communities showed care and charity all around the tri-state area.  There were art auctions, benefit shows, and online sales.  Funds raised were donated to charities, like Red Cross, that gave immediate relief to hurricane victims.  

For our children, art proved to be one of the best stress management techniques. Many of the children in our programs were displaced because of the storm.  Some were able to go back to their homes within days.  Others are still living with friends and families, waiting to return home.  Art gave them a channel to express themselves when words failed them.  In the weeks following Sandy, we redoubled our efforts to ensure that our kids had every opportunity to process their emotions through creative outlets.  The process of making art — telling stories about personal losses through acting, dancing and painting together — was one way to help bring normal back just a little bit sooner.

We were able to provide such programs to our communities and play a role in the area’s recovery because of our donors’ on-going generosity.  We know there are a lot of worthy causes out there.  We thank you for supporting ours.    

Photo credit:  David Shankbone