Do you know what AMIGO DUENDE means?  
 It means The Elf Friend
 Come and see this new musical Oct 5th @ 7:30pm  
 Oct 6th @ 1pm & 7pm – Oct 7th @ 1pm at El Museo del Barrio
Cast members from Porgy & Bess on Broadway invite you to attend Amigo Duende, a musical for the entire family. We start in ONLY 2 WEEKS! 
All shows are performed in English.


Nikki Renée Daniels from Porgy and Bess announces tickets for Amigo Duende

Nikki Renée Daniels


David Alan Grier from Porgy and Bess announces tickets for Amigo Duende

David Alan Grier
90 kids (5th graders) from the South Bronx can’t afford tickets to Amigo Duende. Here’s how you can make HELP make it happen.
Sponsor a kid with
single donation of $35


It’s the night before first grade begins and Marisa is faced with an important choice. Will she be able to enjoy her larger-than-life world of adventures with her best friend Remolino, a wisecracking elf, or will she be forced to leave behind her childhood fantasies and become a grown-up? Nothing is impossible in Amigo Duende, a modern-day fairy tale based on the classic story by Flavia Lugo De Marichal where your favorite childhood toys sing and dance, fantasies become reality, and a little girl fights to keep imagination alive in a world daring her to grow up fast. 

 Buy your tickets now  @ R.Evolució 
or Call 646-454-5720


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