Free Friday! Check Out Free NY/NJ Events!

1. Saturday, July 28

Magic Herb Garden Workshop
Future horticulturists and the next generation of celebrity chefs alike will want to make sure they’re in attendance: this children’s herb workshop at Socrates Sculpture Park teaches kids how to cultivate common cooking herbs right in their own kitchens. After a taste test, kids get to plant and decorate magic herb gardens (using two-liter bottles they can take home). With the skills they learn in the workshop, from noon to 3pm, they’ll be able to tend to their herbs and even use them in their favorite meal—with some culinary help from Mom or Dad, of course.

2. Sunday, July 29

GlassLab at Governors Island
GlassLab brings skilled artists from the Corning Museum of Glass to a mobile glassblowing studio on Governors Island, where they’ll demonstrate the demanding process of creating objects from the material. Sessions take place from 1 to 2:30pm, 3 to 4:30pm and 5 to 6:30pm. To get to Governors Island, take the free ferry from the Battery Maritime Building. While you’re there, explore the island on foot or by bike.

3. Tuesday, July 31

Summer on the Hudson: Shape Up with Yoga
Call it yoga with a view: instructor Jan O’Connell leads enthusiasts through poses on the Hudson River waterfront in West Harlem Piers Park. For the uninitiated, there are a number of benefits—not only does yoga stretch and tone your muscles, it also has a way of making stress melt away (which may be just what you need at 5:30pm on a Tuesday). No prior experience is required, but yoga mats are not provided, so it helps if you have your own to bring along.

[Free NJ events below] 

4. Hereford Inlet Lighthouse 

First & Central Aves North Wildwood (609) 522 4520  
The newly landscaped Lighthouse Cottage and Herb Gardens have won many awards and are visited by thousands each year for Free.

5. David C. Shaw Arboretum

17 Lafayette Place Freehold NJ (732) 431 7903
Open daily, from 8am to dusk. See many cultivars of plants and trees and have a picnic in the picnic area all for Free


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