YOUR GIFT OF $20 Changes the Life of a Child: Please join us! ONLY $285 More Needed to Inspire 40 more kids in 2012!

Ring in the New Year with a Gift of Joy!  Please join us in this final week of 2011 and make a big difference in a child’s life though arts learning.  

WE NEED TO RAISE JUST $285 MORE BY DECEMBER 31ST to continue our Theater Workshop Program this winter/spring for 3rd – 4th graders at a low income school in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.   JOIN US AND MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

YOUR GIFT OF $20.00 OR MORE will inspire young people LIKE KRISTINA BELOW!

Donate NOW

Can You Help Today? Your gift will make it possible for 40 3rd – 4th graders at a low income school in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn to participate in a life changing theater workshop.  Here’s a story of one our students. Kristina

This is Kristina. Building on her own talent, she now has the beginnings of ‘technique’: a specific way of working on the stage via her ‘instrument’ (body/voice) and the way she builds a character.  Kristina has specifically excelled in voice work (she fills the auditorium with her voice without a microphone) and character development (she bridges the gap between the work done in rehearsal and truly living in the moment of the character on the stage). Kristina graduated IS 171 in June 2011 and is now attending Talent Unlimited High School. 

.Kristina Performing

As many of our supporters know, Arts to Grow plays a vital role in shaping the educational outcomes of at-risk youth. During November/December our goal of $1,500 in online contributions will provide a theater workshop for 40 underserved 3rd – 4th graders at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation’s/PS 7 After School program in Brooklyn.

Currently, we have over 50 schools on our waiting list for dance, theater, music & visual arts programs. These programs are always NO COST to students.

WHEN YOU DONATE NOW to support kids like Kristina, and you play a vital role in boosting student achievement and self-confidence through creative expression.  THANK YOU for changing the life of a child!

Best Wishes for a joy filled 2012!

Mallory King

Executive Director,

Arts to Grow. 


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