EIGHT to CREATE – Your Donation of $20 changes the life of a child

Inspire a Child -EIGHT TO CREATE. We are profiling one Arts to Grow student each week through the end of the year to share how arts education positively impacts kids. 

AS OF TODAY WE NEED TO RAISE JUST $645 BY YEAR END to continue our Theater Workshop Program this winter/spring for 3rd – 4th graders at a low income school in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.  

YOUR GIFT OF $20.00 will inspire more young people by expanding our arts education programs next year.

Donate NOW

Can you help today? WE NEED 75 SUPPORTERS TO GIVE JUST $20 EACH, so we can meet our year-end fundraising goal and continue our Theater Workshop Program for 3rd – 4th graders at a low income school in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.


This is Neil a third grader from Harlem and a member of the community based program at Harlem RBI. Neil participated in our African Arts class in spring, 2008 lead by teaching artist, Vickie Freemont. The class focused on using recycled materials to create and learn about crafts from diverse African cultures. For Neil this opportunity exposed him to something distinctive and allowed others to see what he perceives in this art form. Neil says “having the chance to show others what I can create through this program has given me more confidence.”  

As many of our supporters know, Arts to Grow plays a vital role in shaping the educational outcomes of at-risk youth. During November/December we want to raise $1,500 in online contributions to continue our theater workshop for 40 undeserved 3rd – 4th graders at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation’s/PS 7 After School program in Brooklyn.

Currently, we have over 50 schools on our waiting list for dance, theater, music & visual arts programs. These programs are always NO COST to students.

DONATE NOW to support kids like Neil, and you will play a vital role in boosting student achievement and self-confidence through creative expression.  THANK YOU for changing the life of a child!

Best Wishes,

Mallory King

Executive Director,

Arts to Grow. 


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