EIGHT to CREATE – Your Donation of $20 changes the life of a child

Inspire a Child -EIGHT TO CREATE. We are profiling one Arts to Grow student each week through the end of the year to share how arts education postively impacts kids. 

AS OF TODAY WE NEED TO RAISE JUST $745 BY YEAR END to continue our Theater Workshop Program this winter/spring for 3rd – 4th graders at a low income school in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.  

YOUR GIFT OF $20.00 will inspire more young people by expanding our arts education programs next year.

Donate NOW

Can you help today?  JUST 37 NEW SUPPORTERS GIVING $20 EACH will give the gift of a life changing theater workshop for 3rd – 4th graders in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. Your donation today Makes a Big Difference.

This is Jalisa. A shy student in Patricia Runcie’s Fall 2009 Theater Arts class, Jalisa played the role of playwright for the final performance, A Talk Show About Theater History. In rehearsals, each student took turns sitting in the guest seat and was interviewed by the host. When Jalisa’s turn came, her shyness was painful. Knowing it was important for Jalisa to enjoy herself and to succeed, Patricia, the teaching artist, worked with her one-on-one, commenting “if I could help her find her own inner motivation to be successful, it would inspire her and help her discover the joy of learning”. Sure enough, when the day of the performance came, Jalisa demonstrated that she had indeed found that inner-motivation.  The audience’s reaction said it all. “I saw the girl that I knew was inside her,” said Patricia. 

As many of our supporters know, Arts to Grow plays a vital role in shaping the educational outcomes of at-risk youth. During November/December we need to raise $1,500 in online contributions to continue our theater workshop for 40 underserved 3rd – 4th graders at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation’s/PS 7 After School program in Brooklyn.

Currently, we have over 50 schools on our waiting list for dance, theater, music & visual arts programs. These programs are always at NO COST to students.

DONATE NOW to support kids like Jalisa, and you will play a vital role in boosting student achievement and self-confidence through creative expression.  THANK YOU for changing the life of a child!

Best Wishes,

Mallory King

Executive Director,

Arts to Grow. 


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