American public school teachers are paid far more than their smarts are worth.

That’s the provocative conclusion of a new study from two high-profile conservative think tanks. Researchers from the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute found that public school teachers take home total compensation that’s 52% higher than “fair market levels” for professionals with similar cognitive abilities.

Unsurprisingly, their findings have riled the education world. “No, we do not agree that teachers are overpaid,” public school reform advocate Michelle Rhee told Politico. “Under the status quo in most school districts, good classroom teachers are not only undervalued in pay, but as professionals generally.”

Of course, this isn’t the final word on teacher pay. It’s just the latest word. Big sweeping statements about teachers being overpaid or underpaid are perennial in the think tank world. Here are four of the biggest.

» via The Atlantic

Are Teachers Paid Too Much? How 4 Studies Answered 1 Big Question


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