Creative Kids Make Intelligent Adults: A Must in the Business World

Creativity…..must be instilled at an early age, and is most effectively taught in school.  

In an article published By Alberta S. Johnson an art educator and business owner of  K6 Art Lesson Plans. 

Over and over, research shows that kids who receive art lessons while they are young become more imaginative and creative adults. As you may know, creativity is an essential part of intelligence, and is often used as a gauge for measuring IQ.

With increasing demands being placed upon schools, teachers, and youth groups to educate our kids in the three R’s, education in the arts has begun to suffer in many areas of the country in favor of the “more important” or “more practical” subjects.

What people need to understand is that art education in schools IS important, and in fact essential to form well-rounded adults. In the business world, for example, people who are creative are much more likely to find success. Creativity allows for innovation, a vital characteristic in today’s business executive. To stay ahead of the game, for example, a business must be able to initiate and adapt to change. Both of these things are impossible without creativity, which is best learned at an early age.

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Arts to Grow (ATG) engages children in the artistic process by providing free, highly tailored and professionally taught arts education programs to youth in the New York metro area who have limited access to the arts. Arts to Grow collaborates closely with schools and community groups to match performing and visual arts programs and Teaching Artists with the specific needs of each group of children. ATG serves the community and society by helping children develop their full potential through the arts.

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