Engaging Parents in Family Arts Programs


In our last post we directed you to The Center for Arts Education.  If you haven’t already, take a minute to look around this site—there is some really great information here.  One article that caught my eye was this exciting program called Parents as Arts Partners

The Center for Arts Education’s Parents As Arts Partners (PAAP) program fosters the creation of innovative programs for New York City public schools working in partnership with nationally renowned as well as locally focused cultural organizations to engage parents and families in hands-on interactive arts education activities. Through these unique family arts programs, parents have the chance to become artists in a range of mediums—from mural painting to songwriting to dancing—and learn how the arts connect to and enhance their child’s overall education. Since the program’s inception, in 1998, there have been more than 1,200 PAAP programs in more than 500 schools, totaling more than $4 million in grants.”   Read more

This sounds like so much fun for both parents and children!  Plus, doing art projects at home or with their family is a great way of continuing the learning process for kids even after the school day is over! 

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About arts2grow

Arts to Grow (ATG) engages children in the artistic process by providing free, highly tailored and professionally taught arts education programs to youth in the New York metro area who have limited access to the arts. Arts to Grow collaborates closely with schools and community groups to match performing and visual arts programs and Teaching Artists with the specific needs of each group of children. ATG serves the community and society by helping children develop their full potential through the arts.

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