This article, “Muslim Voices of Philadelphia,” from Philantopic, a blog by Philanthropy News Digest, describes a really exciting film project that is currently happening in Philadelphia.  This collaborative oral history media project is sponsored by the Scribe Media Center.

Here at Arts to Grow, we are all about bringing the arts to young students and inspiring them to love learning while they develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and innovation.  Well, someday these kids will grow up and we hope that their education will enable them to do great things.  

The film project in Philly is just one of thousands of examples of ways that the arts are used for a greater good, such as a social commentary or a documentation of history. In this case, the film finds a creative means of expressing the culture and experiences of Muslims in America.  It fosters a sense of community among the citizens of Philadelphia and promotes the appreciation of diversity through film.  A great use of the creative arts!

Creative Film Project Inspires the Appreciation of Diversity


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