Our favorite quotes from this article on www.good.is (reblogged from World-shaker)

“By ignoring the motivational realities of seventh graders, the teacher missed a chance to allow literature to have a profound impact on his students. The assignment demonstrated yet another example of how, when schools are motivated solely to achieve high standardized test scores, students miss out on richer learning experiences.”

“Other examples are too numerous to count: homework assigned not as reinforcement but as busy work; the elimination of music and arts programs; and gifted-student programs unequipped to identify equally bright children whose undiagnosed learning differences classify them as “average.”

Impressive school rankings are meaningless if schools don’t embrace the value of a lifelong love of learning as the clearest pathway to success.

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See full article by Cameron Sullivan: Why Standardized Tests Kill the Joy of Learning – Education – GOOD (via world-shaker)


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