Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery is our newest cause partnership.  This Riverdale-based gallery donates a portion of the sale of each work to several arts education organizations, including Arts to Grow’s Riverdale Neighborhood House programs!

Carrying the message, “changing the world through art,”  Elisa Contemporary Art “is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and collection of art as a way to enrich and heal our lives, our communities, and the world. We believe in the power of art to positively impact all of our lives. A portion of every sale is donated to philanthropic organizations that help children and families within underserved communities heal and grow through their experience with art.”


 Students & their artwork at Riverdale Neighborhood House.                                                  Photo credits Katherine Gressel.

We are indebted to all of our wonderful cause partners, Advanced Benefit AdvisorsApKmedia, and MeebleMail.  Find out more info here and stay tuned for news about our other partners!

(Visit us at

Cause Partner Spotlight: Elisa Contemporary Art


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