Inspiring quotes from participants in our Facebook discussion group

Our question:  Did you play music, dance, act or paint as a kid? Tell us your story about the meaning of your creative outlet.

Three great stories:

As a child I loved reading and now do a lot of freelance writing. But what really let me take off was when I took an abstract painting class after school with a friend of my mother’s who was a painter herself. The freedom and iconoclasm of splashing colors and working hours on stripes was uplifting and exciting. It made me feel like I didn’t have to do what I didn’t want to — and that I could spend a couple hours just working on “yellow.” A very healthy way to rebel, and also a great way to learn patience, calmness and focus. Heck, after the stress of a day of work, I could really use something similar in my life now … which says a lot about the therapeutic power of the arts.”

 -Alex Starace


As a kid I built immense wall collages out of pictures clipped from magazines bought at yard sales. At 12ish, puberty caused such a flood of hyperactivity that I did fine pencil portraits of friends and trees, and wrote poetry compulsively. I had no musical ability, but could manage the Appalachian Dulcimer. I did weaving both an Inkle loom and a card loom. Only now decades later, can some of this stuff be expressed by me through the funky Hudson/Essex county art scenes.”

-Alan Reid


As a child I was abused and bullied, and I started writing to God as an outlet.  My writing turn into poetry and the poetry turn into art work…a lot of my work is the wisdom I received during those times.  I tried to help other who are going through and have gone through what I went through, to tell others they not alone and I understand

For me art is an outlook of expression….we all have many talents we all are gifted in many ways…because we are so different from each other it make life interesting.  Two artists can look at the same thing and see something totally different.”

-Carin Loeffel


A big thank you to all who contributed to the Facebook discussion!! Check back often as we will have more questions posted soon!

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